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Why should I use For the Love of Pets instead of boarding my pet at a kennel?

  • Your pet remains in their own familiar, secure setting helping Reduce stress often experienced while stay away from home for long periods of time.

  • Maintaining your pets normal routine is a great way to battle separation anxiety.

  • Traveling to a family member, friend’s house, or to a boarding facility may upset your pet. By reducing travel trauma your pet is more inclined to be less anxious and remain happy while your away.

  • Your pet will receive personalized love and attention while you are away which help keeps your fur-babe the happiest they can be! while being given the absolute best loving care.

  • Enjoy your time away from home worry-free knowing your pet is being cared for by our Pet Loving Associates who will always put the needs of your pet first.

  • Making your home look lived in by rotating lights, alternating blinds and taking in your newspaper and mail to give your home that extra bit of security by looking lived in.

Why should I go with For the Love of Pets and not a neighbor or family member to care for my fur babies?

Your neighbors have the best intentions, but what if your pet needed first aid or happened to get a hold of something they shouldn't? We have the professional skills to stay calm and rush to the aid of your pet because your pets health is our number one priority.

Why should I use a Pet Loving Associate for midday walks vs. taking my pups to doggie day care?

We feel that all pets, any age, and their established routines at home, are necessary for their health and well being. Your pets routine should not be disturbed. You will also never have to fear your fur babe coming home with scratches from fights, fleas, or diseases. Having one of our Pet Loving Associates come to your home is second to having you there, and is a great substitute to day care. Plus the added convenience of not having to drive your pet to and from a facility everyday!

Do you come to my home or do my fur babies go to your home?

Currently we do not offer boarding services in our homes. Our main service is offering one on one care with your pet in their environment which also greatly reduces separation anxiety. Also, when you ask one of our Pet Loving Associates to visit your home you have the benefit of your home having that Lived-in feel. You can't put a price on security which is why our team is always happy to switch on&off lights, open&close blinds, perform house checks,and bring in your mail. Giving you that added sense of security for no extra charge.

What is included with every visit?

Each visit is catered exactly for your routine that is upheld with your fur baby on a day-to-day basis at home and during each visit we will carry out those exact routines,so if Princess gets belly rubs before her treat each time then while you're away we will always give Princess her belly rubs before a treat! All visits also include basic pet care including a 30 minute visit, water and food bowls cleaned and freshened, play time, walks and complete one on one attention given your fur babe so they always feel safe and loved! After all we do this For the Love of Pets. :)

Do you have any certifications?

All of our pet loving associates are Pet CPR & First Aid Certified and we keep those certifications up to date by retaking classes every two years. That way we are always up to date on all pet safety precautions.

What are your Covid-19 protocols?

  •  We continue to take hygiene very seriously and will Continue to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and After our visits as we always have. We also continue to wear masks while in your home, take off shoes when entering, and wiping down paws when coming in from walks.

  • We are remaining educated by taking courses and tests on the developing information of Covid-19 through Pet Sitters International.

  •  Please ensure you have hand soaps/sanitizer and paper I towels out for us to continue this care on alarm pads and door handles etc. (We will carry small amounts of hand sanitizer and wipes on us at all times as well in the event you are unable to provide these items.)

  • We ask you keep leashes,treats, and waste baggies in one area of your home to limit the amount of surfaces to be disinfected during visits. If you'd like to receive a update in your service reports of all items touched and disinfected we would be happy to include that for you! Just shoot us an email or text letting us know you would like that added to reports.

  • Even if you are told/asked to work from home, having a pup around can add another level of tasks to your day. We are able to continue walks at this time even if you are home and practice social distancing by having your pup ready right before arrival in garage or screened in sunroom for safe no contact walks.

  • The pandemic hasn't changed and neither has FTLOP's hygiene protocols! We are here to help keep your pets & family protected!

 We are always happy to answer any additional questions you have. Contact us at 757-298-7196 today!


 "Sam has lovingly cared for our pets, dogs and cats while we travel and regular daytime walks . We have known Sam and used her services for over 3 years. We recommend For The Love Of Pets . "

Denise & David Holszager