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We pride ourselves in the relationships that we have created with our clients and their pets and are only looking for team members who share our love of animals and want to help us continue in our success.

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Walking with Dogs

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Pet Loving Associate

SUMMARY:  Our Pet Loving Associates provide a wide range of services for owners of a variety of animals which could include dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish and small animals. Positions are part time with the ability to extend hours if desired as you gain experience as a professional pet sitter. It’s the perfect permanent part time position with potential for growth and also great for someone looking to supplement their current income. The best candidates are those with full availability, 7 days a week for all of our time blocks. Associates must be available to work holidays where the demand is the highest.

Pet Loving Associates may be required to feed, medicate, and give water to animals under their care while keeping their quarters and bowls clean. They are expected to pick up after any animal they care for (litter box cleaning and pooper scooping). They are required to watch the animals closely to ensure they are in good health and are required to exercise animals which may include high energy dog walks of up to one hour per visit. They are required to keep records on the animals’ health, feedings, behaviors and medications which they must be able to articulate in service reports emailed to our clients. They must be detail oriented, problem solving individuals who can easily follow written and oral instructions.

We are looking for Pet Loving Associates who are interested in a career as pet care professionals. They must be highly motivated, proactive, show initiative, and able to self-manage. They must be cheerful, positive, enthusiastic, and have a genuine passion for the care of animals. They must have a very high level of customer service. They must act responsibly while being patient and tolerant when administering care. Since our Associates work in private homes, discretion and respect for the privacy of others are required. Pet Loving Associates must conduct themselves in a professional manner, have good handwriting, proper grammar, good spelling and must be flexible. They must also be able to take constructive feedback in a positive and professional way while correcting their behavior on future appointments.

Pet Loving Associates must maintain emotional control during stressful situations, which may involve aggressive or sick animals, last minute schedule changes, changes in care instructions, extreme weather, emergencies, etc. Certain visits may require frequent standing, brisk walking, lifting of heavy animals, and potentially dealing with dogs that jump up and have poor manners. Energy, good physical health, strength, fitness, animal sense and stamina are a must. All Pet Loving Associates are required to pass a reference and background check, be over the age of 21 and have a valid driver’s license as well as a Smartphone or Tablet with data plan.

Pet Loving Associates are also responsible for a client’s mail, adjusting lights and taking out the trash while ensuring the client’s home is maintained until their return.

Associates must have a working knowledge of the internet, be comfortable learning new software programs, have a computer, printer, shredder, be able to access and respond to emails at least twice a day (once in the morning and again in the evening).

All Pet Loving Associates are subcontractors.

TIME BLOCKS: For The Love Of Pets  accepts applicants for the following time blocks. For any time block a associate selects on their application, they must be available for that entire block.

Early Morning (appointments starting before 7am) Morning (7-9am), Late Morning (10am-12pm), Afternoon (2-4pm), Late Afternoon Evening (5-7pm) Late (Appointments Starting at 7:30 PM) Overnight (7pm-7am)

SERVICE AREAS: Pet Loving Associates  are asked to select one or more primary service area(s) when they come on board with us. We currently serve the following service areas: Hampton, Newport News,Williamsburg, York County, and Poquoson.

COMPENSATION: Pet Loving Associates are Independent Contractors and are paid 50% of the billed visit including cancellation fees, additional pet fees and last minute fees. While we do try to keep Associates within their primary service area(s), at times associates may be required to provide visits to clients outside of their primary area(s). In those instances, associates are paid a rate of 50% of the billed visit. Associates also retain 100% of any tips left for them. In cases where appointments are split between multiple associates, tips will be split accordingly unless otherwise directed by the client. Training Sits are paid at a flat rate of $5.00.  Pet Loving Associates are compensated a flat rate of $8.00 for Client Meetings. Overnight visits are compensated at 60%. Team Meetings and Company Orientations are compensated at a flat rate of $8.00 per-hour.

Paydays are the 1st & 15th of each month. You may choose to pick up pay checks on that day or have them mailed


Company Orientation: Completion of the company orientation is required for all Pet Loving Associates prior to being handed a client’s key. The company orientation is 2 hours   In addition, New Pet Loving Associates will participate in 4 on the job visits with one of the For The Love Of Pets Owners. Pet Loving Associates will be compensated for the orientation including the on the job visits.

Video Education: For The Love Of Pets is a Member of Pet Sitters International and there are a variety of recorded educational webinars available Pet Loving Associates to watch at their leisure.

CERTIFICATIONS; All Pet Loving Associates are required to have their Vet Tech Certification OR be certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  If applicant is not currently certified, they must receive their certification within 60 days of accepting the position.  No clients will be assigned prior to completion of certifications. All certifications are self-funded and must be current.


  • Must have experience caring for animals other than their own. This can include providing food and water, dog walking, scooping litter, minor grooming and administering medication. References will be requested in the application process.

  • Must have experience with a variety of animal ages ranging from babies to geriatrics.

  • Dog Walkers must be able to walk 2 dogs at once in a proper heel position.

  • Associates  must be able to work with all dog breeds.

  • Must have daily access to the Internet and know how to navigate the web.

  • Able to access e-mail at least twice daily (morning & evening) and are expected respond to pet sitting requests within 24 hours.

  • Required to have a Smartphone or Tablet with data plan and should be proficient with texting.

  • Must be professional, courteous and communicative.

  • Must have a high level of customer service.

  • Must be able to handle stressful situations with a calm, assertive demeanor.

  • Must have clear handwriting, proper grammar and good spelling.

  • Must be able to concisely express themselves.

  • Must abide by our company Policy Manual at all times.

  • Are required to attend our quarterly meetings (on a Saturdays: 9am-11am).

  • Are required to, at times, pick up and drop off keys to the office.

  • Are required to meet with clients during the Client Meeting or Associate Introduction.

  • Must have a strong ability to follow written instructions, be self-motivated and, self-manage.

  • Must be friendly, confident and comfortable with meeting new clients and answering questions.

  • Must maintain a proactive, meticulous approach to caring for client’s homes and pets.

  • Must have good communication skills and a positive demeanor.

  • Must have a willingness to take direction and develop their skills accordingly.

  • Must possess a strong attention to detail.

  • Must have a reliable computer and printer.

  • Associates should be familiar with our service areas.

  • Must have reliable transportation that can accommodate extreme weather and high gas prices.

  • Must have the ability to walk and drive in inclement weather; snow, rain and heat.

  • Must be flexible and able to handle change with ease.

  • Encouraged to Attend the Annual Social

  • Encouraged to participate in Vendor Events as available for Promotion of For The Love Of Pets.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those that must be met by Pet Loving Associates to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Work will routinely require the Pet Loving Associates  to bend, stoop, kneel, and/or crouch. Pet Loving Associates may experience minor infections and exposure to communicable diseases or infectious bacteria. Pet Loving Associates may experience physical injuries from bites and scratches by dogs, cats or other types of pets.

In addition to personalized care, Pet Loving Associates are often asked to perform light housekeeping tasks including sweeping in a client’s home or vacuuming around litter boxes. Pet Loving Associates ilare also required to work in outside weather conditions, including snow, ice, wet, hot and/or humid conditions as long it does not put any pets you are working with in danger.

Pet Loving Associates may be required to walk at a moderate pace for up to one hour per sit with dogs that may pull.

There are extensive hours of driving with this position.


Pro-Active– recognizes when action needs to be taken and addresses it with the Client or Owner 

  • EX- Associate enters a client’s house to find the alarm is not set. Texts the Owner to identify a reason and confirm next steps. Informs Owner of For The Love Of Pets.

  • Problem-solving– Identifies problem and works with Owner on solutions. See potential problems and brings ideas on solutions vs. just the problem itself.

  • EX- 30min Pet Sitting assignment is consistently taking longer than normal. Associate informs Owner of issue and identifies causes so that they can work together on options and solutions.

Service Oriented– Understands while we have process and procedures, we work to meet the needs of the client as much as possible without breaking procedure.

Takes Initiative– looks for opportunities to improve company services and promote the company. Continues to educate themselves in the profession of pet sitting.

Solutions Driven– can provide alternatives when we cannot do exactly what the client/owner-

  • Ex- Owner request a phone call to review client schedules at a certain time the Pet Loving Associates is not available. Verses replying that they are not available at that time, offer other available times.