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Samantha Wallace


Ever since i was a small child i had a love & fascination for animals of all species. As i grew up i became a lover of sharks and would often rattle away facts about them to all who would listen.  Once i grew more i found myself sleeping with the litters of pups we would have unphased by anything else other than their cuteness. I went along to graduate from Grafton High School & not long after i discovered an even further love for animals while bathing pups at a local salon. After that brief glimpse into caregiving i had an urge to give all animals the best care possible. By becoming a professional pet sitter with a company for 3 years it was glaringly obvious I was destined to open my own Professional Pet Sitting business!  My goal is for the peninsula to know, love, and lean on For The Love Of Pets when in need for the best pet caregivers!  I know from years of working in the pet industry that  2 things ring forever true. 1, It's your job to advocate for all animals as they cannot & wish they could and 2. you do this work not for the money or fulfillment you do it For The Love Of Pets.


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