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Hiring A Professional Cat Sitter.

Let’s face it, cats can be fickle creatures! If your cat could talk, most cats would tell you that they would much rather have a staycation at home while you go away vacation, then spend a week in a boarding facility or traveling with you. Cats are homebodies and prefer the comfort of their own domain. Hiring a professional cat sitter to watch your feline family in the comforts of their home, is the perfect solution for you, your cat, and the security of your home!

Professional Cat Sitters Provide Peace Of Mind-Professional cat sitters are serious about their job and they are serious about taking excellent care of your cat and your home. They are bonded, insured, and trained in emergency first aid & Pet CPR. Many professionals have completed continuing education and received certifications to ensure your home and your beloved pet is well taken care of. In addition to checking in on your furry friends a professional will also check on your home to ensure everything is in working order during your time away from home. They will collect the mail, the newspaper, packages that are delivered while you are gone & communicate with you through detailed service reports after each visit. They take the security of your home very seriously and will give your house an“Lived In” appearance while you are gone by placing out trash & recycle for pick up, rotating lights, as well as opening & closing curtains. Hiring a professional cat sitter like For The Love Of Pets will leave you at ease knowing your home and your feline friend are well taken care of!

Professional Cat Sitters Help Keep Your Kitties Safe- Although cats can be pretty self-sufficient, they need daily human interaction and mental stimulation to keep them out of trouble. Cats are curious and can often find themselves in precarious situations. Keeping your kitties mentally stimulated is one of the many things professional cat sitters are good at! They know all the fun games and activities your cat enjoys playing. They know what situations your felin friends might get into when left home alone and take precautions to prevent injuries. For The Love Of Pets is serious about your cat’s well-being and safety! No one wants to come home and find their cat stuck in a closed bedroom with no access to their kitty box or sustanance.

Professional Cat Sitters Care About Your Cat-Every cat a professional cat sitter cares for is just as important as the next. They may care for many cats, but they know each of those cats all by name and what each cat prefers to eat! Your feline friend is a part of your cat sitter’s extended furr family. They take the care and well being of your cat just as serious as you do. This is not just a hobby to a professional cat sitter, it is a passion and a profession.

For The Love Of Pets will treat your cat like royalty while you are enjoying your next vacation! Click Here, to check out our services page to find out more about our services. Remember, when hiring a professional cat sitter, be sure to check all of their credentials! Professional cat sitters are licensed, bonded & insured, CPR First Aid Trained, and hold other professional certifications and training certificates

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