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Making Hydration Fun For Our Furry Friends This Summer Season!

You may think providing a fresh water bowl for your pets may be enough especially in the summertime; If you take your dog for meandering walks or they enjoy long periods of play, Your pet may need even more hydration. You can't always count on your pet to know exactly how much they need to stay hydrated , However a good rule of thumb to remember is that dogs should have one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. Keep in mind you can always shake up the daily water bowl routine with a few hydrating treats. I promise they will thank you in pup kisses for thinking of a fun way to keep them happy and healthy through the summer!

Let's take a look at these hydrating treats to beat the heat:


There are so many recipes for pupsicles online, many incorporating tasty ingredients like broth and berries. Keep in mind that some human foods are toxic to dogs and others may cause gastrointestinal upset. Due to this try sticking to ingredients you know your pup can handle such as Yogurts (plain and free of sweetners),Mashed Bananas mixed with fruits, or Pumpkin. You can also find plenty of popsicle molds online and in stores that will help you make pupsicle time fun as well as tasty!However If you find yourself short on time to snag popsicle molds, just use an ice cube tray with a dog treat as the stick!

Fruits and Vegetables

A few fruits and veggies can be high in water content, as well as being packed with helpful nutrients. Again, you’ll want to check the toxicity list, but safe water-rich fruits include watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, oranges, and strawberries(remember moderation for strawberries because they are higher in sugar). Vegetables include celery and carrots. You can even freeze them or as I mentioned above you can mash them up to make pupsicles.

Interested in your pup having a hydrating treat during their next visit?

Feel free to let me know from the following options which you prefer for your fur fam & I will happily provide them for you free of cost! Here are the options I can provide: watermelon,bananas,or blueberries. Give me a call at 757.298.7196 or email at and I will provide a healthy and yummy treat for your furry ones 0n my next visit with them!

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