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Pet Sitting vs. Boarding: Which is better for your pet?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Going away on vacation or need to go out of town for a business conference? Then your first worry is definitely going to be where you going to leave your fur babies. It is after all alegitimate worry; your pets are entirely dependent on you, and you are responsible for their safety and well-being.

Who is going to look after them when you are out of town?

Thankfully, pet parents have other options now. They can choose to board their pets with a pet boarder, with tens of other pets, or they could hire a pet sitter who can come in regularly for limited intervals to care for and play with your pet. For The Love Of Pets can ease some of that worry by providing regular pet sitting services(learn more about our services at ) to the pets at your home while your away. Pet sitting or pet boarding? Which one is better for your pet, and you? Pet Boarding Pet boarding is a plausible option for pet owners who want to lock up the house and go away. The pet goes to stay at the boarding place, and you can pick your pet up from the boarding when you’re back in town. Pet boarding can often be heavy on the pocket, but you really can let go of all your worries as you know your dog is in good hands, has the constant company of other pets, and is monitored 24/7, with emergency care and veterinary services at their disposal in cases of emergencies. Boardings are a great way for your pets to socialize too. However, pet boardings have multiple pets at a time, and it becomes difficult for the care-takers, try as they might, to keep track of each pet’s needs and requirements. If your pet is shy or hostile, it might agitate them if they’re around so many pets at once. You are also suddenly putting them in a completely unfamiliar situation, and they might take a while to adjust. Pet Sitting Pet sitting, like babysitting, is only done for intervals. A pet sitter visits your house and pet during designated time slots, gives them food, cleans their litter, and sits and plays with them for a while, giving them a few moments of human company, so they don’t feel lonely while you’re away. Pet sitting lets the pets stay in their own homes, in an environment they are comfortable in, while making sure their needs are being met. It also allows for individual attention as that time slot is dedicated to your pet only, making the pet feel loved and cared for. Pet sitting durations vary from a few minutes to multiple hours in a day, depending on how much you are paying for. However, outside of that time, your pet is home alone. If your pet is okay with being home by itself for a couple of hours, it should not be a problem, as your pet sleeps the rest of the day away. While both pet boarding and pet sitting are great options that can remove the stress from the pet parent’s shoulders, which one they prefer depends on the pet’s temperament, needs, and the owner’s budget.

Ready to make your choice between a professional pet sitter or boarding facility? We Hope so! If you decide pet sitting is what you need, then give us a call today at 757-298-7196! We are here for you 365 days a year!

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