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Professional Pet Sitting Bonus Services

A professional pet sitter has both the care of your home and your pets as their top priority. It is a given that your pet sitter will provide your pet care, but did you know that they will also water your plants, collect your mail, and along with other extras? Here is a list of the additional services For The Love Of Pets offers along with pet sitting bookings.

Watering Plants-

We may not have a green thumb, but we would be happy to water your plants while you are away. We can water your indoor & outdoor plants as long as you provide us with the exact instructions for care. There may be an additional fee added if your garden or plant collection takes away from the care of your pets, but in cases of 2 plants or less this service is complementary!

Trash & Recycle- Not placing your trash and recycle out for pick up like you do every week can be a tell tale sign you are not home. Leaving trash bins full until your return could result in yucky smells, bugs, and rodents. Placing your trash and recycling out for pick up is just one of the pet sitting extras we offer!  Just let us know your pick up days and we would be happy to follow through! (this service is addtl find more info at

Home Security- Giving your house an “at home” appearance is one of the perks of hiring a professional pet sitter. As one of our complimentary pet sitting bonuses, we offer light & curtain rotation service, as well and TV & radio for sound. Making your home appear to be 'Lived in'. We even offer this service to those homes without pets! Ask about our house sitting services by emailing us at

Feeders for Backyard Birds-

Are you one of the many people who enjoy a backyard bird hobby? No need to be worried that your little-feathered friends will find a new feeder while you are away! We will happily refill bird feeder and bird baths while you are gone.

Mail, Newspaper, & Packages- Most clients do not realize we will check the mail, collect the newspapers, and bring packages at our visits. We don’t want your home to be a sitting target while your mail & newspapers pile up and we know how vulnerable packages can be left unattended. That is why we offer these services. Please keep the deliveries within reason, your pet sitter may not be able to carry in a large or heavy package.

Keep in mind your pet family is our main concern at all times. Therefore any complimentary pet sitting extras that will take away from the time your pet receives and the attention they deserve may have a nominal fee may be added to your invoice.

Thank-you so much for choosing For The Love Of Pets; Your Loving and Knowledgeable pet care professionals.

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